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Myeik Archipelago

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Discover world-class diving and traditional local charm in Kawthaung and the Myeik Archipelago

Nestled amongst the mountainous terrain of Myanmar’s southernmost region you’ll find Kawthaung – a tiny town gatekeeping the Myeik Archipelago. From here, you can discover a collection of 800 islands covered head-to-toe in luscious rainforest, framed by pristine beaches, and surrounded by crystal-clear waters. 

Things to Do

Kawthaung may be little but it’s full of culture. Stroll around and take in the mesmerising sights of Pyitawaye or Aungtawmu pagodas. Or cross the photogenic Palautonetone bridge, camera at the ready. If you pass Myoma market, pop in and sample some of the local’s favourite street food – urad dal is a favourite. Take it with you as you hop on a boat to explore the sights. As you sail, you might spot the archipelago’s indigenous community, the Monken people – also known as Sea Gypsies – going about their business.

Kawthaung is the perfect starting point to discover the secrets of the Andaman Sea. Divers, snorkellers, or experienced swimmers can explore coral gardens, clusters of caves, or swim alongside an abundance of underwater life. But if you’d prefer to be above water, set off by boat on an island safari. Be sure to stop by Wa Ale Island to see the turtles nesting on the shore. And if you want to watch the local fisherman do their thing, the coastline of Buda Island is a top spot. 

As you walk along any of the islands’ pristine beaches, expect to spot sharks jetting through shallows and if you’re lucky, an eagle soaring overhead. For an even more special experience, conquer mountainous Clara Island for the very best jungle walks, wildlife, and waterfalls. If there’s time, take a trip to Island 115 too.  Expect to see lizards in the jungle and, under water, a jaw-dropping number of seahorses at the Volcano dive site. 

Top Tip from SLH

Discover the best-kept secret, a heart-shaped island only accessible by an underwater swim with the archipelago's marine life.