A laid back lifestyle with natural wonders

Australia may be the oldest land on the planet, but its buzzing beachfronts, bars and galleries make this a very ‘now’ place to be. The natural wonders are awesome, with everything from rainforests and mountains to coral reefs. The country’s diverse towns and cities are filled with cultural charm – not to mention bustling markets, lively nightlife, fine dining and superb regional wines. The lifestyle here is well and truly laid back and the welcome is as warm as the weather. 

Practical Information

Capital city

Australian Dollar (in Aus$5, Aus$10, Aus$20, Aus$50, Aus$100 notes)

Traditional Australian food has its roots in the English ‘meat and two veg’ realm. You’ll also find contemporary cuisine, taking inspiration from all over the globe.

Tipping etiquette
There are no mandatory service charges in Australia. You might spot a Goods and Services tax on your receipt – it’s an inclusive part of any bill.

Saying hello
Simply say “hello” or – if you’re in the country – use the classic “g’day”

When To Go

Australia’s vast size means that the climate is varied, with tropical weather in the north and a Mediterranean feel in the south. Summers stretch from December to February when the evenings linger and the barbecues get fired up. But winters are balmy and warm too, and throughout the year you’ll find lots of festivals to enjoy, celebrating everything from food and sport to the booming arts scene. 

Top Tip from SLH

Australia might be known for New World wines, but it’s also home to some of the world’s oldest grape varieties. Sample award-winning reds and world-famous chardonnays on a rural vineyard tour or in trendy city wine bars.