Introducing Barbados

In Barbados, the locals go out of their way to introduce you to paradise. Can’t dive? No problem, they can take you underwater in a submarine. Tired legs? Don’t worry, you can explore the island on a Segway tour. From golf to zip wires, cricket to nightclubbing, no matter how energetic or laid back you want to be, there’s an activity to suit.

Practical Information

Capital city

Barbadian dollar (in BDS$2, BDS$5, BDS$10, BDS$20, BDS$50 and BDS$100 notes).

The national dish of Barbados is cou-cou (cornmeal) and steamed or fried flying fish.

Tipping etiquette
A service charge of 10% is typically added to your bill.

Saying hello
Simply use “hello” and a warm smile.

When To Go

The temperatures are glorious all year round – remember to pack your sun cream and drink plenty of water while you’re here. June to October is classed as the hurricane season, although many years see none at all, and you may get cheaper deals during those months too. 

Top Tip from SLH

If you’d like to chat to a friendly local, call in at a rum shop. You’ll find islanders having a drink and chatting with friends.