Introducing Armenia

Visiting Armenia is like being catapulted into a history book. This is a land of archaeological wonders and ancient monasteries, where centuries-old culture ripples beneath the forward-looking capital of Yerevan. A city break here will see you visit enthralling museums by day and enticing restaurants at night. Outdoor enthusiasts will be at home too in its unspoilt scenery – from the shimmering Lake Sevan to the ski resort of Tsaghkadzor.

Practical Information

Capital city: Yerevan

Currency: Armenian Dram, divided into Luma.

Cuisine: Tryherbyharissa or fragrant nut- and fruit-dotted dzhash served with bulgur wheat. Or pick up stuffed leaves and kebabs from steamy market stalls.

Tipping etiquette: Many cafés and restaurants, especially in the capital, add a service charge to bills. If not, 10% is typical.

Saying hello: Greet people with“Barev”.

When To Go

With winter falling December to February and spring blooming in March and April, Armenia’s seasons are much like the UK. The exception is the temperature. Here, summertime thermometers can peak in the 40s, before dropping to icy cold conditions at the tail end of the year. It makes for an exciting year-round destination – whether you like your holidays hot and dry or cool and snowy. 

Top Tip from SLH

Medieval monasteries pepper the landscape of Armenia. If you only visit one, make it Geghard, a UNESCO-listed wonder carved from the rocks of the Azat Valley.