Introducing Salzburg

Set on a winding river and encircled by mountains, Salzburg enchants at first sight. A closer look reveals a city built on the finer things in life. There are grand palaces, where Mozart paid court to the wealthy prince-archbishops who ruled the city. Narrow streets are lined with glittering jewellery shops and cosy cafés bursting with sweet treats. While a vibrant arts community celebrates culture throughout the year. It’s all waiting to be discovered from our collection of boutique hotels. Salzburg is one to add to your travel wish list.

Things to do

Renowned for its UNESCO listed Old Town, or Aldstadt, Salzburg has a wealth of historic landmarks to explore. Stroll around Residenzplatz and marvel at the baroque opulence of the DomQuartier cathedral complex. Drop by the Mozart Geburthaus to see a marvellous collection of period instruments. Or hop on the funicular railway and travel up to Hohensalzburg fortress. This striking castle is perched on a rocky outcrop above the city, giving spectacular views across the rooftops to the mountains beyond.

With a full calendar of arts festivals, Salzburg continues a creative tradition that dates back centuries. Every other spring, the city’s concert halls showcase the best in contemporary music for the Biennale. In summer, Mozart Week celebrates the work of Salzburg’s famous son, whereas Sommerszene is a feast of all things avant-garde. As autumn draws in, the Altstadt becomes the place to hear jazz, world and electronic music at Jazz & the City. While Winterfest offers the chance to run away with the circus.

Salzburg is making a name for itself as Austria’s culinary capital, with everything from traditional inns to Michelin-starred restaurants. And, for those with a sweet tooth, it’s pure bliss. Seek out historic cafés that once counted Haydn and Mozart among their patrons, and linger over coffee and a slice of gateau. Pick up Mozartkugel – chocolates filled with pistachio-flavoured marzipan and nougat. Or try the city’s classic dessert, Salzburger Nockerl. This sweet soufflé is made of golden peaks dusted with sugar.

Top Tip from SLH

From nearby St Leonhard, take a cable car up Untersberg. From the mountain top you’ll have panoramic Salzburg vistas, with the Alps as your backdrop