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2 HOTELS IN Dubrovnik


Unspoiled Baroque with 21st century energy

Here’s an endlessly inspiring destination for a city break. An architectural gem filled with fascinating museums to wander by day. And a place that comes alive with bustling bars, fine dining restaurants and Mediterranean spirit by night. Dubrovnik’s unspoiled Baroque heart beats with 21st century energy. 

Things to do

Dubrovnik has enough to mesmerise visitors for weeks, but beyond the city there are riches to be discovered. You could spend a day cruising the glorious Elafiti Islands aboard a replica galleon, or escape to the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro. For action seekers kayak and snorkelling trips bring a fresh perspective to this region.

A stroll along the ancient city wall that has sheltered Dubrovnik for centuries will help you absorb the vivid sense of history here. Built between the 13th and 16th centuries, it is said by many to be the finest in the world. Perhaps the best place to start your adventure is the Pile Gate. As you walk across, learn how the drawbridge was once closed every evening, the gate locked and the key handed to the Prince.

Naturally, fine dining in Dubrovnik is inspired by its maritime location. Dalmatian cooking makes use of sea bass, scorpion fish, mackerel and many other delicacies, often grilled with local olive oil. Look out for the famous Ston oysters, a freshly farmed local favourite. Bon Appetite, or, as the locals say, “prijatno”.

Top Tip from SLH

In autumn, the city streets are quieter and the air cools, but it’s still warm enough to swim throughout October.