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Introducing Crete

Crete is far more than another idyllic Greek island. Discover reminders of a rich history – from the ancient ruins dotting the landscape to Venetian townhouses. Experience traditional culture on a country retreat, kept alive in tiny coastal and mountain villages. And, of course, seek out an astounding array of natural treasures, from hidden coves and caves to rocky hills blooming with bright wildflowers.

Things to do

From the Minoans and Romans to the Venetians, Crete has seen its fair share of empires. Seek out remains of the ancient past at famous Knossos or the archaeological museums of Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos. Take an excursion to the Venetian forts on enigmatic Spinalonga island, or venture to the legendary cave of Zeus at Mount Ida.

Crete boasts an eclectic range of landscapes to explore. The eastern and southern coasts have many beautiful beaches, including secluded coves that are well worth walking to. Further inland lie fertile plains of olive groves and vineyards, stretching up to magnificent mountain ranges.

There’s something a little bit magical about Cretan cuisine – and not only because the island’s inhabitants are famed for their longevity. Dine on an abundance of fresh produce, with plenty of locally produced olive oil. Sample local seafood specialities and delicious island favourites like xerotigana – honey dipped pastries.

Top Tip from SLH

When dining out in Crete, don’t be surprised to receive a shot-glass of raki – the national spirit – after your meal. Best drunk ice-cold (and quickly).