1 HOTEL IN Capri


Introducing Capri

Capri has a beauty all its own, with dazzling azure seas, towering rocks rising from the ocean and bustling harbours towns. The Romans loved it – you can still visit the Emperor Tiberius’s villa on the island – and the Italians love it now too. It can get very busy during the summer months, so unwind in the luxury of some of Capri's best hotels. Capri boasts panoramic views of an impossibly blue sea guaranteed to take your breath away.

Things to do

Historians say that there were originally twelve large Roman villas on Capri, and Villa Jovis is a captivating and evocative piece of history well worth visiting. The ruins still give you a sense of the vast scale of the place, and of Tiberius’s love of grandeur.

If you’d like to see a spectacular view of the bay of Naples, venture from your luxury hotel to take the Seggiovia chair lift from Capri Town. The ride takes fifteen minutes, and you’ll be taken straight up Monte Solaro to see the glory of the Mediterranean and the bay below you.

Take a rowing boat out to the Blue Grotto, a bewitching cave on the sea’s edge. Squeeze through the opening to find yourself in a beautiful blue cavern, with the sea lit up by the sun. Try and come earlier or later in the day, as the Blue Grotto can become very busy! 

Top Tip from SLH

If you’ve a head for heights, climb the staircase from Tiberius’s villa up to Salto di Tiberio – a sheer cliff with panoramic views for miles around.