1 HOTEL IN Castiadas


Introducing Castiadas

Just along the coast, bustling Cagliari welcomes visitors to Sardinia. But the small town of Castiadas is a pocket of tranquillity away from the action. Fringed with almost impossibly perfect beaches and boutique hotels, it’s the ideal escape spot. And it’s still just a day trip away from the wilder side of this jewel of an island.

Things to do

There’s no need to fly long haul for luxury beach retreats. Once you set foot on the powder-white sands of the Castiadas shores, it’ll feel like you’ve landed on a Caribbean island. Swim in the aquamarine waters of Monte Turno for postcard-perfect scenes. Or for a smaller stretch with warm-as-a-bath waters, head to Saint’Elmo.

Italian cuisine is one of the most known and loved – but don’t think it doesn’t have any surprises left up its sleeves. In Castiades, you won’t be short of exciting new takes on classic Italian dishes. From the North African-inspired fregula pasta, to the sharp yet moreish pecorino cheese, courtesy of Sardinia’s four million sheep.

Things to do
There’s more to this island than just beautiful beaches. Pack your walking boots and head up the east coast to discover the ruins of the Tiscali village. Or explore Sardinia’s historic capital, Cagliari. Less than an hour from Castiadas, a tangle of piazzas, museums and cathedrals await under the watchful eye of Il Castelo, the striking hilltop citadel. 

Top Tip from SLH

With the world’s highest rate of centenarians, there must be something in Sardinia’s crystalline waters…