Introducing The Seychelles

With its ‘pinch yourself’ vistas and laid-back pace of life, the Seychelles offers the ultimate island retreat. Your adventure will begin in Mahé, which offers a delectable mix of powder-soft beaches and rugged jungle to explore. Then, strike out to the smaller islets to spot flitting birds and stately Giant Tortoises. Or dive beneath the waves to a colourful underwater world, before ending the day in your luxury boutique hotel. 


Practical Information

Seychellois Rupee (cents and bank notes of Rs 10, Rs 25, Rs 50, Rs 100 and Rs 500).

Staples include succulent steamed or grilled seafood steeped in an aromatic mix of spices, along with fresh fruit juices and palm wine.

Tipping etiquette
Most restaurants and hotels include a 5-10% service charge in the price, so while tipping extra is appreciated, it’s not obligatory.

Saying hello
“Bonzour” (pronounced ”bozoo”) in Seychellois Creole will make you feel like a local. But you could also say ”bonjour” or simply ”hello” – French and English are the two official languages.

Capital city
Victoria, on the largest island, Mahé.


When To Go

With a tropical climate that changes little throughout the year, the Seychelles offers a warm welcome whenever you choose to visit. Spring to autumn provide the perfect backdrop to beachside bliss. If you’re here to dive, the seas are calmer outside the summer months. Even winter – the rainy season – has its charms. You may not be sunbathing, but the (slightly) cooler weather makes this the perfect time to explore jungle trails and nature reserves.


Top Tip from SLH

Get the true castaway experience and hop over to tiny La Digue Island. Here, surreal rock formations break up the coastline into tiny, secluded coves.