Introducing Africa

Wherever you travel in Africa, you’ll wake each day to a myriad of sights and sounds. Imagine listening out for the elephant’s call from a luxury camp in Kenya, surrounded by amber plains and world-famous mountains. Or taking in the snake charmer’s spellbinding melodies in a Morocco medina. Then there are the white sands of Tanzania’s ‘Spice Island’ and green hills of South Africa’s Winelands to discover. City stay or country retreat, Africa promises a vivid backdrop for a boutique break.


Safari & Wildlife

The beauty of Africa is that no two safaris will ever be the same. In Kenya and Tanzania, where the lion is king, go in search of big cats – and the rest of the ‘big five’. As the sun sets over the Serengeti, look out for the silhouettes of elephants and giraffes beside baobab trees. Or hike high into Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve to spot some of South Africa’s exotic birdlife. Bring a camera to capture those ‘Out of Africa’ vistas – and once-in-a-lifetime moments.


Swap walking boots for sandals, and the ochre sands of the savannah for pure white beaches. You could escape to the pristine bays and reefs of Zanzibar, and coconut-lined coves in Kenya. Or take in sweeping Bay of Tunis views from the clifftops of Sidi Bou Said. The African coastline is one of the most spectacular – and unspoilt – in the world.


Be sure to make room in your luggage for mementoes of Africa. A trip to Tunisia or Morocco wouldn’t be complete without an intoxicating afternoon in the labyrinth-like souks. Haggle for hand-made lanterns, painted ceramics and colourful carpets. Or step inside an apothecary’s shop, brimming with ancient remedies. It’s hard to leave Kenya without a pink-hued soapstone carving of your favourite animal. While time spent in South Africa’s smart boutiques will satisfy designer cravings.