8 HOTELS IN Indonesia


Introducing Indonesia

Blending ancient kingdoms, frenetic cities and utopian beach resorts, Indonesia’s islands are an explorer’s paradise. The adventurous can escape into volcanic landscapes and seas teaming with turtles and neon-coloured marine life. Culture connoisseurs can discover ancient temples, Balinese dancers and mouth-watering food markets. And the lazy can just lie by the pool at a private hotel, sipping cocktails and enjoying fine dining.

Practical Information

Capital city

Rupiah (in Rp500, Rp1000, Rp5000, Rp10000, Rp20000, Rp50000 and Rp100000 notes)

The backbones to Indonesian cuisine are coconut milk and aromatic spices – distinctive and delicious

Tipping etiquette
It’s not essential, but polite to do so. 10% is typical.

Saying hello
“Selamat pagi” in the morning, “selamat siang” during the afternoon and “selamat sore” in the evening.

When To Go

Travelling to Indonesia is all about whether to be warm or very warm. Its tropical climate means there’s little difference between winter and summer, with temperatures averaging 25°C-30°C all year. From April to October the beach resorts are at the their most popular, while from November to March an evening soaking of refreshing rain brings colourful flora and fauna to life. 

Top Tip from SLH

Food and dance are a big part of Indonesian life. Try the roast suckling pig while watching a show.