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A paradise for lovers of fine food and wine

Seek out the finer things in life on a luxury break in Puglia. With its sun-soaked olive groves, whitewashed villages and rocky cliffs, Italy’s ‘heel’ has a Greek feel to it – but with a love of fine food and drink that’s authentically Italian. Savour fresh seafood in a harbour-side restaurant, or pack a picnic and explore the coastline. Then, as evening draws in, unwind at your exclusive luxury hotel, Puglia glass of wine in hand. 

Things to do

Puglia’s long coastline switches between fine sandy beaches and rugged white cliffs, set against warm, turquoise waters. You’ll find many family spots that are perfect for swimming, all much quieter than the popular resorts in northern Italy. If you have a day to spare, travel down to the Salentine peninsula, which boasts plenty of secluded coves and sea caves that make wonderful places to swim and snorkel.

Puglia was once the heartland of the ancient Greek settlement of Italy. Since then, it’s seen many different groups come and go – from the Romans and Normans to the Saracens and Spanish – and all have left their mark. Visit ruined temples and view ancient artefacts at Taranto’s National Archaeological Museum. Explore grand Norman cathedrals and the striking Moorish quarters of the region’s towns and cities. Or discover the mysterious Castel del Monte – a castle built in an intriguing octagonal design.

With its glorious sunny weather and rich, fertile landscape, it’s no surprise that Puglia is known as Italy’s ‘bread basket’. Dine on local produce such as fresh olives, sheep cheese and DOP sealed Pane de Altamura. Or savour Greek-influenced dishes such as succulent lamb roasted over open, herb-infused fires. If you’re near the coast, expect plenty of just-caught fish and shellfish on the menu, accompanied by crisp white wines. 

Top Tip from SLH

Puglia has a full calendar of festivals – watch colourful dances during the International Folklore Festival or feast on local specialities at seasonal food events throughout the region.