Introducing Sri Lanka

This small island at the foot of India is a mouth-watering concentration of history, food, culture and nature. Its beach resorts and great diving are a big pull for leisure travellers. Culture vultures flock to the ancient forts, temples and food spots. And nature lovers explore the inland lakes and reserves – home to cheetah and elephant. Others simply sit at a luxury hotel pool or spa, sipping tea from the plantations that carpet the mountainous interior. 

Practical Information

Capital city

Rupee (in 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 notes)

Sri Lanka’s signature dish is curry with coconut milk, chillies, curry leaves, cinnamon, garlic and fish.

Tipping etiquette
A 10% tip is usually added to your bill

Saying hello
Tamil and Sinhala are spoken in Sri Lanka. The Tamil greeting is “van akkã” but there isn’t a word for “hello” in Sinhala, so people often greet each other with a smile. 

When To Go

Sri Lanka is a perfect year-round escape. It’s hottest from June to September when, with temperatures averaging around 35°C, a chilled pool and an icy cocktail feel like heaven. There are two rainy seasons in May/June and November/December – but the typically short showers provide nothing more than delightful refreshment.   

Top Tip from SLH

Seafood lovers get ready: the spicy barbecued tamarind fish and coconut shrimp curry are a must.