7 HOTELS IN Sicily


Historic towns and stunning architecture

Caught between Europe and Africa and full of stunning architecture, including some of Italy's best hotels, Sicily has a charm that’s all its own. Escape to a luxury beach resort overlooking the clear turquoise sea. Or head inland to uncover ancient landmarks and historic towns with magnificent views across mountains and brooding volcanoes. Then savour fresh Sicilian cuisine and unwind at your exclusive island escape. Or relax by the pool or in your spa hotel. Sicily continues to seduce travellers with its dazzling diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures.

Things to do

From the Greeks and Romans to the Normans and Spanish, Sicily has seen a string of cultures come and go – and all have left their mark. Walk up to the ancient Temple of Concord. Uncover ruined Roman forts and theatres dotting the countryside. Or lose yourself in the old towns of Taormina or Palermo, with their medieval churches and historic squares lined with bright, bustling cafés. 

Sicily’s beaches are varied and beautiful. Bask on sun-soaked stretches of golden sand on the mainland, or stroll along the volcanic beaches of the Aeolian Islands. Sicily is also a wonderful place to get out on (or into) the water. You could take a private sailing tour of the smaller islands, or snorkel over submerged archaeological remains

Sicilian cuisine is an intoxicating blend of east and west that celebrates the natural bounty of the island and its seas. Tuck into refreshing citrus salads, or try traditional Italian dishes with a spicy flair. Or you could dine on the renowned regional speciality, swordfish, washed down with fine, island-grown wines. 

Top Tip from SLH

Head inland and explore. Take a guided trek into the foothills of Mount Etna or up the slopes of Gran Cretere for spectacular views across the island.