Introducing Metsovo

Stone houses topped with red tiles. Mountains soaring up to the sky.  Morning mist drifting through deep pine forest. Metsovo, in northern Greece, feels like a secret to be treasured. As well as a launchpad for exploring the Pindos region, it’s a destination in its own right. Stay a while, and you’re sure to be charmed by its welcoming culture, proud traditions and delicious, authentic cuisine. 

Things to do

When you think about Greece, chances are you’re picturing sparkling seas, pristine sand beaches and quaint clifftop villages. In the Epirus region, the landscape takes a turn for the wild. Follow trails through virgin pine forest – on foot, on horseback or by bike. Explore vast, manmade lakes such as Aoos Springs, which power the lights in Metsovo below. Or test your nerve on paths along plunging gorges. In winter, it’s a different story. The mountains gleam white with snow and villages such as Anilio attract local skiers.

Stop by the Metsovo main square on an early morning, and you may see local elders talking away in the historic regional language, Vlach. This is a town whose heritage is very much alive. See how local crafts such as beautiful wood carving and intricate embroidery developed at the Folk Art Museum. Or seek out hand-crafted mementos in artisan stores, such as fine silverware. If you’re here during the summer, the celebration of Aghia Paraskevi brings traditional dancing, local costume and plenty of festivities.

Metsovo was a key trading station during the Ottoman empire, partly because of its renowned local produce. Seasonal delights include earthy truffles, while hearty pies are a mainstay. Lamb features on many menus, roasted kontosouvli style over hot coals, coated in fresh mountain herbs. The perfect accompaniment is robust red wine from grapes grown on the Pindos. Visit Katogi Averoff winery for an unforgettable tasting experience, accompanied by sheep cheeses such as smoked Metsovone.

Top Tip from SLH

Discover an ancient town nestled in the Pindos mountains, with spellbinding views around every corner.